Foldable Cutting Mat - 45cm X 60cm - Mint

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This cutting mat from the Prym Love series provides an excellent surface for sewing projects, in particular when using a rotary cutter.

It's folding design is great when space is limited and for keeping your sewing area tidy. In open format it's 45 x 60 cm (A2), and folded it is 30 x 45 cm (A3) big and can be used folded on unfolded.

The even, curvy teeth of the pad halves ensure an even surface and easy-to-access opening and closing.

Cutting mat is made of premium high-performance synthetic material and has a self-healing surface.

The bottom layer is non-slip so it sits securely on the work surface during cutting.

The perfect companion for the 45mm deluxe rotary cutter by Prym/Olfa which can be found here