Sew Your Own Bardot Top

Do you fancy making your own Bridget bardot inspired top like mine?

Fabric Godmother Bardot top

Here is a simple tutorial to sew your own top. (PS you will need alittle bit of maths to get this)

*Start with 2 rectangles of fabric. The 2 peices should be...

1. (Finished length of top + 10cm) high X (Your bust meansurement + 25cm) wide

2. (With of rectangle 1 + 1.5 x your upper arm measurement) wide  X (26cm) high

*Sew each rectangle into a circle joining the shorted ends and hem both cylinders. 

*Put the smaller cylinder inside the larger (shorter) one and matching the seams at the back sew them together for 20cm in the centre of the front and the back.

*Turn over the top of both layers of fabric to create a channel for your elastic. Feed the elastic trhough making it tight enough tio stay up but not so tight you can't lift your arms.

*Secure the elastic, team with a pair of pedal pushers and you are ready to go