Simple to sew t shirt

This top is so easy to make I did it in less than 15 minutes and you don't even need a pattern!

Your favourite top (I choose a nice floaty one with drapey sleeves)
Approx. 1 metre of 150cm wide jersey
Thread to match

Fold the jersey in half right sides together.(If you can't tell which is the right side simply look at the cut edge, jersey always rolls towards the right side)

Now lie your favourite top on top of it, making sure it is nice and smooth. Check that the jersey is lying so it stretches side to side, not top to bottom.


Cut around HALF of the top, allowing a seam allowance of about 1.5cm. (If you want the same draping sleeves as mine then cut a straight horizontal line from the neckline across the shoulder and to the edge of the sleeve.)

Once you have cut half way round, remove your top and fold the cut half onto the uncut half. You can then cut round using the first half as a guide. This makes sure both sides are symmetrical.


Unfold the fabric and you should have 2 pieces that look like this, lying with the right sides together. Follow the stitch lines above to sew your top together. As you are not sewing a seam along the stretch of the fabric you do not need to use any special stitches, a simple straight stitch will do. Here is the really clever part, because you are using jersey you do not need to hem the bottom of the top or sleeves as jersey does not fray! 

To make the front neckline, fold the top in half with the side shoulder seams matching, as above. Then trim the neckline to the shape you want, again no need to face or hem it as jersey doesn't fray. You will find it easier if you try the top on a this point to make sure you don't trim away too much.

Here is my tangerine version made using the Milano jersey. Now I am off to make one in every colour!

Happy sewing xxx