Sweet Shard Candies 14mm Resin Buttons - x8

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Resin buttons by Ethel and Joan, handmade in the UK.

Treat yourself to a set of buttons that are as individual as the make you are using it for. Also can be used to update a ready-to-wear garment.
All the buttons are hand made by hand pouring epoxy resin into silicon moulds.

Sweet Shard Candies buttons are 14 mm in diameter and 3mm thick

Candies are a Small button and are sold in sets of 8

Because of the way the buttons are produced they don't always come out machine perfect, as such there are some irregularities...... but that uniqueness is part of the charm.
The buttons you receive may vary from the image above as every button comes out unique
Ethel and Joan strive to make my buttons as waste free as possible, every chip shard and unsellable button are recycled to make new buttons.