Atelier Brunette Le Sac Banane (Intermediate)

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LE Sac Banane bag will be your faithful companion.

Dimensions:  40 cm x 24 cm

An oversized and nicely rounded form
Delicate cutouts to play with colors
Lined for an irresistible shape
A large kangaroo pocket with press buttons
An adjustable strap for all sizes
A back zipper pocket to hide your secrets
A double slider zipper for an elegant touch

Fabric and lining
A 110 cm polycotton strap                                     
A 40 cm double slider closure and a 20 cm zipper
A set of adjustment buckles
Two metal snap buttons (we stock these in silver and black)


Level: 3/5

Notions: interfacing

Fabric Requirements: 

Minimum width: 140 cm

   Fabric 1
  Lining  Interfacing  Fabric 2
 Fabric 3
 Solid Version
       50       30            10         0        0
 Bicolor Version
       50       30            10        30        0
 Tricolor Version
       30       30            10        30       30