Belladonna Buttons - 17mm - x10

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Belladonna Button (17mm)

10 buttons per set

Size : 17mm

WARNING: This button is translucent and not meant to be worn against dark fabric. The colours of this button will be lost if placed against darker colours.

A flower as beautiful as it is deadly. Our Belladonna button has a villainous mixture of purples with black speckles. Meant to be paired with lighter shades of fabrics, it’s the standout button against the neutrals.

Purple has always been a colour associated with magic and mischief. We wanted a button that encapsulates female archetypes. Deadly but beautiful. Present but invisible.


Each button is one of a kind.

Made from resin these kinds of buttons are tough, glossy and have a smooth texture.
They are relatively lightweight and hardly discolour from UV rays.

Machine washable, *Do not bleach *Do not use alkaline laundry detergent, *30C cool wash, Normal tumble dry