Crème de la Crème Buttons - 23mm - x8

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With its tones of Pinks, Reds, Bordeaux, Beiges, Écrus and Whites, crème de la crème is an absolutely beautiful button that looks amazing paired with any of the colours that she features with, or any of the above colour hues.

We bet you might even want to taste it!

A collaboration between Pigeon Wishes and La Petite Maison Couture

The designers have sewn Crème de la crème on the following fabric colours and have been really happy with the result : Ivory, Brown, Flashy Red, Beige, Red patterned fabric, Pink, Blush and so many more.

If you are looking for a soft, sweet and warm finish to your project, Crème e la crème is a button you will want to gravitate towards.

And if you wear lipstick, you might also find it interesting to pair it with your favourite red lipstick.

Dimensions: Diameter: 23mm ; Thickness: 5mm ; 8 buttons per box

Packaging used FSC certified card paper with transparent display window.