Friday Pattern Company Cambria Duster Coat (Intermediate)

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The Cambria Duster is a versatile and staple fall piece. It has a dramatic, wide draped shawl-style collar. It is a shin length, unlined duster that is perfect for layering. Tie the ties in back for a clean, shapely look, or wrap them around in front for a little more coverage. 

  • Printed pattern + instructions

  • 5/8” seam allowance included

  • Intermediate level sewing

  • Designed for woven fabrics but can be made out of a knit as well

Yardage Requirements:

  • XS-M // 45” wide // 4.25 yards (3.9 metres)
  • L-XXL // 45” wide // 4.88 yards (4.5 metres)
  • XS-M // 54” wide // 3.63 yards (3.3 metres)
  • L-XXL // 54” wide // 4.33 yards (4 metres)
  • XS-M // 60” wide // 3 yards (2.7 metres)
  • L-XXL // 60” wide // 3.4 yards (3.1 metres)

SUGGESTED FABRICS: This pattern is designed for woven fabrics but can be made out of a knit as well. It would look great out of anything with a bit of drape like a rayon twill, gabardine, rayon challis, etc. It would also look great out of something a little warmer with more body, like a light wool or a boucle!