I Am Patterns Hermes Dress & Shirt (Intermediate)

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Hermes is a twist on the classic shirt lengthened to make a chic dress. Or keep it simple with a classic shirt.

"I am a chic and classic shirt. I don;t need to be introduced since you'ce known me for a while now. This year in an ultra long version I shall accompany you everywhere"

Suggested fabrics are poplin, batiste, twill and flannel cotton, viscose, modal.

Fabric requirements are all for140cm wide fabric:

2.1m for the dress (sizes 36-40) 2.9m for the dress (sizes 42-46)

1.6m for the shirt (sizes 36-40) 2m for the shirt (sizes 42-46)

I Am Patterns are based in France and thier first collection I Am Goddess is based on the Greek Gods. Simple and timeless elegance.