Puff and Pencil Luna Vest & Box Sleeve PDF (Intermediate)

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This bundle includes two separate patterns – the Luna Vest and the Box Sleeve – which work in combination to make a jacket or coat.

The LUNA vest is an easy vest with a collar and snap buttons, as well as side pockets. It can be made in two different lengths and you can easily make it shorter or longer.

The Box Sleeve has lots of volume and a wide cuff.

Which size will fit me?
The pattern comes with all sizes from XXS-XXL. The most important measurement is the bust.

Which fabric is recommended?

The pattern is made for woven fabrics. If you are in doubt about which fabric to choose, then fabrics such as canvas, denim, quiltet fabric, coating wool and oilskin works well for this vest. In addition, we recommend using a thinner quality for the pockets e.g. cotton canvas in a color that matches the outer fabric.

How much fabric is needed for the LUNA vest?

For fabric width of 145 cm:

Short version:
XXS-S: 170 cm
M-L: 180 cm
XL-XXL: 190 cm

Long version:
XXS-S: 260 cm
M-L: 270 cm
XL-XXL: 290 cm

Box Sleeve: 145 cm wide fabric: XXS-XS, 60 cm // S-XXL, 80 cm.

Pocket fabric:
XXS-XXL: 30 cm

Final garment measurements?
XXS: Bust: 94 cm, Waist: 115 cm, Hip: 131 cm, Length short: 75 cm, Length long: 120 cm
XS: Bust: 99 cm, Waist: 120 cm, Hip: 138 cm, Length short: 76 cm, Length long: 121 cm
S: Bust: 105 cm, Waist: 127 cm, Hip: 144 cm, Length short: 78 cm, Length long: 123 cm
M: Bust: 111 cm, Waist: 133 cm, Hip: 150 cm, Length short: 80 cm, Length long: 125 cm
L: Bust: 118 cm, Waist: 139 cm, Hip: 157 cm, Length short: 81 cm, Length long: 127 cm
XL: Bust: 124 cm, Waist: 146 cm, Hip: 163 cm, Length short: 83 cm, Length long: 129 cm
XXL: Bust: 132 cm, Waist: 153 cm, Hip: 170 cm, Length short: 86 cm, Length long: 131 cm

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