I MADE THESE Pack of 2 Leather Jeans Labels - Metallic Oyster

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Pack of 2 real leather jeans labels

'I made these - imagine what else I can do’ is laser engraved and on oyster metallic leather with a geometric border. This leather patch is the perfect final touch to your amazing handmade jeans. 

There is a line on the outside of the border that can be used as a stitch line. We would recommend stitching on the sewing machine with a universal/jeans/leather needle size 90 or 100. 

Our leather comes from Scottish and Irish cows and is sourced from a company who are passionate about sustainability.  We laser engrave them locally in Scotland, then wash and package in Scotland too! 

These labels are handmade. Leather is a natural product so the laser reacts slightly differently to different parts of the hide. Therefore we quality check them before packaging. We choose to machine wash the leather so they don’t shrink once attached to your garment. For these reasons, your labels may be slightly different to the labels in the photographs.


Material: Real leather

Colour: Metallic Oyster

Size: Approx. 5cm x 7cm

Leather is a natural product so the colours and grain of your labels may differ slightly that in the photographs. Even though we make an effort to pre-shrink and clean the labels by machine washing, they are laser cut and engraved and so will have a specific smell, typical to laser cut leather. You may also notice some black residue on the leather but this can be removed with a wipe.


Little Rosy Cheeks leather labels are packaged in both biodegradable and compostable bags, made from annually renewable corn/potato starch or cellulose. The bags are topped with card.